Thesis Option

Requirements for Thesis Option

The student must complete an original research study under the direction of the chair of the advisory committee. A written thesis must be prepared by the student and approved by the advisory committee. The thesis is then orally defended before the advisory committee, although additional faculty and others may be in attendance. Copies of the thesis must be distributed to the advisory committee at least two weeks prior to the oral thesis defense.

In the oral thesis defense, the student will spend approximately one-half hour presenting his or her thesis work and approximately one-half hour responding to questions from the committee. The student will be judged on mastery of the thesis subject and on the quality of thesis work. The committee may vote as follows:

  1. Pass
  2. Pass with qualification: In this case the student must complete the minor revisions or requirements specified by the committee to the satisfaction of the committee chair, who then sends a written approval to the Graduate Office.
  3. Recess: In this case the student must pass a second and final oral thesis defense no sooner than one month later.
  4. Fail: In this case the graduate degree program of the student is terminated.

At least two weeks prior to the oral defense of the thesis the following must be accomplished:

  1. submission of Form 8c (Departmental Schedule of Final Oral Examination) to the department
  2. submission of one unbound draft copy of the thesis to each member of the advisory committee and to the department for a format check.

Form ADV Form 8d (Departmental Approval for Final Dissertation or Thesis), and a copy of the title page must be submitted to Graduate Studies after the oral thesis defense and before the published university deadline. The Electronic Submission of Thesis (ETD) must be submitted online after the oral thesis defense and before the ADV Form 8d is taken to Graduate Studies.

The format and content of the thesis must meet the approval of the advisory committee. In addition the format must meet approved college specifications. After receiving college approval, students are required to order two bound copies of the thesis, one for their committee chair and one for the CE department. The designated colors are blue cover with gold lettering. Students may also order additional copies for their own use. All copies may be ordered through BYU Print and Mail Services online at: Students are responsible for payment of all copies.

Electronic submission of Thesis is required.

Link for electronic submission can be found here