Supervision and Course Work

Supervision Requirement

During the first semester, the student works with the graduate coordinator to form an advisory committee. The committee should have a chair and at least two other members. Students must meet with their committee chair/advisor after each fall and winter semester while at BYU. The student will be notified of the specific deadline each semester/term. The burden is on the student to schedule the meeting and to bring pertinent materials necessary for evaluation of the student's progress to the meeting as directed by the advisory committee chair. The graduate secretary will provide the committee chair/advisor with the student's file. The committee chair/advisor should evaluate and counsel the student with respect to the following requirements:

  1. Course work/Study List
  2. Skill requirements
  3. Seminar participation
  4. Examination requirements
  5. Thesis or Project
  6. Minimum registration
  7. Record keeping

Following the meeting, the advisory committee will submit a written evaluation to the graduate program manager and provide the graduate student with a written evaluation of his or her progress as:

  1. Satisfactory
  2. Marginal: In this case the student may continue provided that requirements specified by the advisory committee are met.
  3. Unsatisfactory: In this case the graduate degree program of the student is terminated.

Course Work Requirement

Thirty (30) hours of course work and directed design or research are required; one hour of seminar credit is also required. A GPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained.

These hours must include:

  • Thesis Option: 6 hours of thesis credit (CEEn 699R), or
  • Project Option: 3 hours of project credit (CEEn 698R)

These hours may include:

  • maximum of 3 hours of approved courses numbered from 300 to 499
  • maximum of 10 hours of courses 400 - 500 level taken as a senior *see note
  • maximum of 7 hours of approved transfer or non-degree courses
  • courses may be applied to the MS degree within five years of taking of the course.

These hours may not include:

  • any courses with D or E grades
  • any course credit applied toward a BS degree
  • any additional seminar courses beyond one required hour
  • any skill requirement courses
  • any courses numbered below 300

MS students considering continuing for a PhD should seek early advisement in preparation of the study list.

*Senior Credit

In some restricted instances students seeking a master’s degree may apply credit taken during the senior year at BYU toward the degree, but in no instance can this credit apply to both a baccalaureate and a graduate degree. Senior and postbaccalaureate credit combined cannot exceed 10 semester hours in a graduate program. Thoroughly qualified undergraduates who are willing and able to meet graduate level standards may enroll in graduate 500-level courses.