Study List, Seminar & Prospectus

Study List Courses

Directions in preparing the study list:

Course work

  • 18 hours dissertation (CEEn 799R)
  • 1 hours seminar (CEEn 691R)
  • 18 hours transfer from Masters (for Masters students)
  • Balance of 18 hours in 500+ elective hours

Seminar Requirement

Students must register for and attend the weekly graduate seminar (CEEn 691R) during Fall and Winter semesters while at BYU. Official announcements regarding graduate study are made at this seminar. The seminar also serves to broaden graduate education through exposure to technical ideas in a variety of areas.

Prospectus Requirement

A written prospectus must be submitted to the advisory committee at least one week before the oral defense of the prospectus. The prospectus is prepared at the beginning of the research; typically this is at the completion of the course work. This could occur at approximately the same time as the comprehensive exam.

The prospectus consists of: 1) a thorough review of literature pertinent to the dissertation research, and 2) a detailed plan of the objectives and tasks to be undertaken in the dissertation research. There is no set format or length requirement for the prospectus. It is recommended that the prospectus be included later in the dissertation.

In the oral prospectus defense, the student will spend approximately one-half hour presenting his or her prospectus and approximately one-half hour receiving counsel from the advisory committee. The student will be judged on mastery of the pertinent literature and on the quality of the prospectus. The advisory committee may require revisions to the prospectus and/or another oral prospectus defense.

In no case will a doctoral degree be awarded sooner than one year from the completion of the prospectus requirement.