Software Access

Application Servers

The college provides Citrix and RGS application servers. There are useful programs on citrix such as Word and Excel under "Office Programs" and MathCAD under "Math Programs."  Information on those servers can be found at under the "Remote Computing" tab.
Available remote CEEn Software:
  • Plaxis
  • Composite Pro
  • EES 2013
  • EPANet 2
  • GNE
  • Group 8
  • HCS 2010 (and +)
  • HY-8
  • LPile 2012
  • LTPPBind
  • MapWindow
  • OpenSees
  • Pywall 3
  • RISA 2D
  • RISA Base
  • RISA Foot
  • SAP2000 v14
  • Seismosignal
  • spMats 7-5
  • SR Wall
  • Utexas Educational 4
  • Visual Analysis 3-5
  • Visual Analysis 8
  • WinPAS

CB234 Software

The Civil Engineering department provides a computer lab in CB 234.  Due to classes being scheduled in that room our software is also available in the CAEDM computer labs.

Free Software

The department provides all the software you may need on our computer labs.  Much of our software is extremely expensive and would be out of the financial reach of a student.  However a few companies have academic licensing programs that allow students to get their software for free.  
  • AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D can be obtained by going to
  • Microsoft software (NOT including Microsoft Office) can be obtained via the CAEDM MSDNAA account which can be found at under the "Labs and Software" tab at the Free Microsoft Downloads link.  
  • VMWare software can also be obtained at under the "Labs and Software" tab.