Project Option

Requirements for Project Option

For the project option, the student is required to complete a research, design or special topic project under the guidance of the chair of the advisory committee. This project is not as extensive as the thesis study and need not be original research. Three hours of credit is allowed for the project; thus, the student should expect to spend 140 or more total hours on this effort. In order to provide adequate time to accomplish the work, the student should select and begin working on the project during the first semester of MS study. The project should require synthesis of information from several sources and/or a comprehensive design of an engineered facility. For design projects, cooperation with professional engineers is encouraged to solicit actual design problems and information.

A written project report is required, but not for archival purposes in the Harold B. Lee Library as occurs with a thesis. The written text will be reviewed and corrections made by the advisory committee. The student must allow time for revising his or her report as part of the project. The project is to be presented orally to students and faculty, usually as part of a graduate seminar. The project report will be graded by the student's advisory committee and must be submitted to the committee before the oral report is given. Submittal should occur several weeks before the deadline date. A grade of pass or fail will be assigned. Completed project reports must be submitted in PDF form on a CD and as a spiral bound copy. The signature page must also be submitted.

Project Signature Page

For a copy of the project signature page, click HERE