Minimum Registration and Record Keeping

Minimum Registration Requirement

  • International students must register for and complete at least 9 hours each Fall and Winter semester while at BYU.
  • Students must register for and complete at least 6 hours per academic year to be eligible to register the following year and to maintain an active graduate student status.
  • Students should be registered for a minimum of 2 hours whenever on campus using university facilities and receiving faculty advisement.
  • Students must pay for a minimum of 2 hours of credit in the semester in which graduation takes place or the dissertation is defended.
  • Students must register for at least two consecutive 6-hour semesters on campus.
  • The doctoral degree must be completed within 8 years of admission to the doctoral program at BYU.

Record Keeping Requirement

  • Students must submit a study list worksheet to the department office during the first semester.
  • To apply for graduation students can go to the BYU Graduate Studies Home page, click on the Current Students tab, and then click on Applying for Graduation. Students can then follow the instructions on this page. Students can also go directly to myBYU through and type into the QuickURL box GRADAPP, hit enter, and follow the instructions.
  • Form 8c (Department Scheduling of Final Oral Examination) must be submitted to the department office at least two weeks prior to the oral dissertation defense.