Graduate Programs

Master of Science (MS)

The Master of Science degree is awarded to students who have mastered professional training in selected areas of civil engineering. Such training is gained through graduate course work which, unlike undergraduate course work, consists of elective courses and directed research or design. Students pursuing the thesis option gain the added dimension of participating in research work (usually funded) at the cutting edge of the profession. This research work culminates in a high-quality presentation - the thesis. Alternatively, the student may elect to complete a less intensive research--a design study called a project. The degree normally requires a minimum of 18 months (3 semesters) beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD is awarded to candidates who have made a significant contribution to knowledge in a particular specialization of civil engineering. Such a contribution is achieved through research which involves a thorough review of applicable literature, completion of carefully planned work, and a high-quality presentation of the new knowledge - the dissertation. Adequate course work is necessary to provide a foundation of expertise for quality research. The degree normally requires a minimum of 2 years beyond the master’s degree.