Academic Advisement

Academic Advising

Freshmen and new transfer students should meet with the department Academic Advisor, Kim Glade, at 801-422- 2814 or by email,, prior to registering for their first semester. The advisor can assist in course selection and timing, as well as general scheduling guidance. Click here to schedule an appointment with the academic advisor.

Students returning to the university after an extended break, such as a mission, should see the department academic advisor within the first two weeks of returning. This will insure that the student does not overlook any changes in the program that may have occurred.

For career guidance, please contact a faculty member who teaches in the emphasis you are interested in pursuing. Most faculty have an open door policy that allows students to visit whenever they are in the office. All faculty will willingly schedule a time to meet with a student. Each faculty member has a time schedule posted by their door indicating hours available for student consultation. Please see the information below regarding the area of emphasis for each faculty. If you need suggestions as to which faculty could best assist you, please contact the department academic advisor.


Emphasis Advisor's name Office (Clyde Bld) Phone Email
Water Resources & Hydrology Rollin H. Hotchkiss 368C (801) 422-6234
Environmental & Hydrology Gus Williams 242F (801) 422-7810
Structures & Optimization Michael Borden CB370 (801) 422-5679
Geotechnical Engineering Kevin Franke 368P (801) 422-1349
Environmental Engineering Brett M. Borup 242G (801) 422-6311
Structural Engineering Fernando S. Fonseca 368R (801) 422-6329
Hydrology/GIS Daniel Ames 242J (801) 422-3620
Materials & Pavements W. Spencer Guthrie 368D (801) 422-3864
Structures & Composites David Jensen 368E (801) 422-2094
Geotechnical Engineering Norm Jones 242L (801) 422-7569
Hydraulics & Hydrology Wood Miller 368L (801) 422-6331
Hydrology/GIS Jim Nelson 242K (801) 422-7632
Structural Engineering Paul Richards 368N (801) 422-6333
Geotechnical Engineering Kyle Rollins 368K (801) 422-6334
Transportation Engineering Mitsuru Saito 368J (801) 422-6326
Structural Mechanics Michael Scott 368S (801) 422-6324
Transportation Engineering Grant G. Schultz 368H (801) 422-6332